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The Wynne Russell House - History and Tour

In this video I get a tour of the Wynne-Russell house in Lilburn, Georgia. This type of house would have been built by the average person on their homestead, and gives a glimpse into the life of a regular person making a living in that era. After falling into disrepair, the house was rescued and renovated.This is a story about the restoration work of many volunteers who continue to make it a place for the whole community to enjoy.

Historic African American Church with Slave Roots

The history of Salem Missionary Baptist Church is entwined in the history of the American South. It started as a slave church in Lilburn, Georgia in the 1830s, where the community experienced slavery and racism that challenged its ability to grow and thrive. I spoke with Mr. Gregory Bailey, the church's historian and life-long member, who told the stories of the trials of the African American church members, who persevered through the struggles of decline and hardship to ultimately see their church thrive.

Historic General Store - Now Antique Shop!

In this video I visit Antiques in Old Town, a shop located in a historic brick general store in Lilburn, Georgia. Get a glimpse inside this beautiful building and learn from the owner about its important role in the formation of this small town outside Atlanta.