Keep It Historic was started by Teresa Ingalls, an archaeologist with a passion for historic preservation, as a way to tell the stories behind the preservation movement and why it benefits our communities. She has worked with cultural resources for over a decade. From research labs, to museum collections, to consultation, she strives to preserve history for future generations.

Teresa Ingalls excavating in Tennessee

In the past she has visited elementary schools to teach classes about archaeology, volunteered at events doing tours of the ArchaeoBus - a traveling museum for Georgia archaeology awareness, and given presentations at professional conferences.

With Keep It Historic, she hopes to take awareness about historic preservation efforts to a broader audience.

At its core, preservation is a defiance of the trend to tear down the old and replace with new. We believe preserving old buildings helps solidify a place, and ultimately affirms local identity.

At an elementary school in Lanai, Hawaii showing hawaiian bark cloth to a family.

While not every building or archaeological site can be saved, the more the community, local governments, and local businesses are aware of the benefits of preservation, the more they will value it and put preservation first in city planning. Our videos and t-shirts are part of our mission to bring awareness about historic preservation at the story level.

We believe preservation should include the planet, so all of our apparel has been sourced and produced to reduce our environmental impact. Shirts are made with post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton trimmings from the textile manufacturing industry. Our screen printing inks are water-based - some of the most sustainable and clean ink on the planet.