Keep It Historic is an eco-brand. We are committed to environmentally-friendly practices in the production of high quality apparel. For us that process has three main steps.

Step 1: Fabric

  • We source apparel fabricated with eco-friendly yarns.
  • Recycled materials: Plastic bottles are broken down into chunks, melted, and then spun into yarn. Cotton scraps from cuttings produced in the textile industry are shredded and re-spun into yarn that can be used in new clothing.
  • Our shirts contain 70% recycled content! Of this, 40% is post-consumer recycled plastic, 30% comes from cotton trimming scraps from textile manufacturers, and 30% is new cotton to enhance texture.

Step 2: Design Ink

  • We only use environmentally-friendly inks in our design printing process.
  • For black ink we use algae ink, the most sustainable ink on the planet for screen printing.
  • For white ink we use water-based ink, not plastisol, which does not require harsh chemicals for cleaning.

Step 3: Packing & Shipping

  • We are dedicated to eco-friendly apparel packaging for shipping apparel to customers.
  • Our apparel wraps are made of 100% post-consumer recycled and fully recyclable paper.
  • Our poly mailers are made with 100% recycled plastic content (50% post-consumer). These are the best in the industry. They include a second adhesive strip so they can be reused for returns. Poly mailers have the smallest carbon footprint of all packaging materials due to their light weight for energy efficient shipping. While they are made of polyethylene - the most common plastic and nearly always made with oil and natural gas - it is typically is more efficient to recycle than paper goods. They can be recycled at your local grocery store alongside plastic grocery bags.


There are a lot of options out there for people who are trying to be environmentally-responsible humans. Keep It Historic uses recycled fabric in our shirts. We feel that recycling plastic and cotton textile is the most important action we can take to reduce waste, and therefore we prioritize it above other eco-friendly fabrics. Here's why.

The Environmental Protection Agency found that 22.5 billion pounds of textiles made their way into landfills in 2017. Salvaging cotton scraps from factories reduces this waste and gives it new life.

Each shirt we sell contains 40% post-consumer recycled plastic (RPET), which amounts to about 4 single-use plastic bottles per shirt! Not only does it keep those plastics out of landfills and waterways, it also produces demand for recycled plastic. It's easy to place a recycling bin out on the curb and never think about it again. But that's only the first step in the process. Those items are taken to facilities where they are broken down into raw materials. The materials are then used by manufacturers to make new items (like our shirts!). But  buyers must seek out recycled materials for the loop to be closed and recycling to continue. We are committed to keeping up demand for recycled materials.


With recycled fabric and responsible inks, we aim to produce some of the most environmentally-friendly clothing out there. Join us on the journey to responsible apparel!